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BiCorpo Water Softeners

The softener is a system that removes water hardness due to calcium and magnesium salts of exchanging them with Sodium salts that precipitate and not encrusted. The exchange is performed by resins previously charged with Sodium Chloride (sea salt), which are crossed by the flow of water. Exchange resins are suitable for contact with foodstuffs and are characterized by a high resistance to mechanical wear, long life, high exchange capacity and low consumption of salt. The homogeneity of the particle size allows to minimize the loss of load.

Duplex Water Softeners

All softeners OSMOSEA are automatic, equipped with electronic control unit for the management of the phases of service, washing and regeneration. The programming of these phases can be in time, when you want that the regeneration takes place at a certain time, or volume, when regeneration must occur to the achievement of a predetermined volume of water. The version Duplex is equipped with two columns of resin, instead of one, and a control unit which in addition to managing the regeneration phases, alternating the use of the columns in such a way that when one is in service and the other is in regeneration or in standby. In this way it will be possible to have a continuous flow of softened water.


Filtro a quarzite

The problems caused by poor water quality can be divided into problems of chemical and microbiological nature problems. The water with a high content of salts, in time, deteriorates significantly metals, clogged nozzles or pipes of small caliber, solid deposits in the heat exchangers by lowering the exchange capacity, with the consequent increase in the energy requirement for the lengthening of the times of heating and cooling, release unpleasant tastes.

The microbiologically polluted water does, however, more on the individual processes of processing and packaging in the food industry.
With a reverse osmosis plant all the problems described above can be resolved. These systems allow, in fact, to perform certain adjustments in such a way as to give to the customer with a water physico – chemical characteristics different depending on the processing phases.


Osmo Line industrial

The Reverse Osmosis plants OSMO series are designed for the treatment of municipal water network, and the wells of brackish water (series OSMO SL).
Can be applied to residential areas and industrial area with production of purified water to 100 l / h up to 4000 l / h. On demand systems are designed and manufactured with more purified water production. The plants of the series OSMO can be equipped with optional features that make their operation and their fully automatic cleaning and can also provide microbiologically pure water with the desired salt concentration.
It ‘also available OSMO demi for the production of demineralized water required by the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, dialysis centers, etc.