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BAITEK Mistral

The “MISTRAL” Watermaker Series is proposed as the ideal solution in terms of relation between quality and price, yet remaining a machine with production specifi cations and reliability that can be compared to advanced class machine. Produced in the versions from 30 to 250 lt/h., the “MISTRAL” series can be installed on a wide range of boats. It is ideal for all the pleasure crafts or working crafts in which a intense use of the machine is required, easy to use and to maintain.

BAITEK Nautilius

The “NAUTILUS” Watermaker Series has been developed to be adopted in the nautical fi eld, it can be powered from the batteries and it comes proposed at 24 or 12 volt. It is the ideal solution for all boats without an electrical generator at 220 volt.
They satisfy the requirement of fresh water on small and medium sized boats

BiCorpo Water Softeners

The softener is a system that removes water hardness due to calcium and magnesium salts of exchanging them with Sodium salts that precipitate and not encrusted. The exchange is performed by resins previously charged with Sodium Chloride (sea salt), which are crossed by the flow of water. Exchange resins are suitable for contact with foodstuffs and are characterized by a high resistance to mechanical wear, long life, high exchange capacity and low consumption of salt. The homogeneity of the particle size allows to minimize the loss of load.

Cabinet Water Softeners

Cabinet water softener for the elimination of hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) from water. The plant is equipped with a digital volumetric valve for managing the regeneration phases of ion exchange resins.



Simple and reliable watermaker. Available in one piece or modular version in steel Inox AISI 316 structure for easy installation and maximum reliability over time.

  • Stainless Steel Feed Pump
  • Pre-filter
  • Post-filter
  • Comand Unit with Micro Computer
  • Installation Kit; (Pipes, Fittings, Clamps);
  • Maintenance Kit (N.1 spare filter set, filter wrench, washing and wintering products, HP Pump Oil);
  • Flushing System

Dosing system


Automatic proportional dosing system, for in-line dosing of sterilizing substances.

Duplex Water Softeners

All softeners OSMOSEA are automatic, equipped with electronic control unit for the management of the phases of service, washing and regeneration. The programming of these phases can be in time, when you want that the regeneration takes place at a certain time, or volume, when regeneration must occur to the achievement of a predetermined volume of water. The version Duplex is equipped with two columns of resin, instead of one, and a control unit which in addition to managing the regeneration phases, alternating the use of the columns in such a way that when one is in service and the other is in regeneration or in standby. In this way it will be possible to have a continuous flow of softened water.



Elefantino is a portable device capable of filtering, dechlorinating and softening water. It is equipped with a filter for the removal of suspended solids, chlorine, foul odors, insecticides and an ion exchange water softener for the elimination of calcium carbonates. The volume of water treated with ELEPHANTINE depends on the hardness (° F) of the water entering the system. The diagram below shows the amount of water that ELEFANTINO can soften in relation to its hardness. Based on this data, it is easy to decide when to regenerate. (Eg: with a hardness of 30 ° F, regeneration is carried out every 1000 liters of treated water).

Elefantino X2

Elefantino X2 is a water softening system manufactured for installation on medium and large yachts. Despite its small size, the duplex system allows the Elefantino X2 to supply softened water continuously. In fact, when one tank is in use the other is in regeneration or stand-by mode ready to be used with calcium free water. The calcium in water is the most responsible culprit for scale build up in steel parts, windshields, portholes, faucets, sinks, showers, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

Capacity 500 lt / h. Available in X2B version with 1000 l / h capacity.


Last generation Automatic Watermaker. One touch operation with the possibility of a full color Touch Screen controller.
Equipped with an Automatic Pressure setting and Automatic Flushing system, the watermakers of the EVO line can fully operate and perform self maintenance functions without the need of an operator. The electronic control unit can interface with supervision systems via the RS 485 BUS protocol. Supplied in monobloc or in modular version on AISI 316 stainless steel frame for easy installation and maximum reliability over time.

Filtro a quarzite

The problems caused by poor water quality can be divided into problems of chemical and microbiological nature problems. The water with a high content of salts, in time, deteriorates significantly metals, clogged nozzles or pipes of small caliber, solid deposits in the heat exchangers by lowering the exchange capacity, with the consequent increase in the energy requirement for the lengthening of the times of heating and cooling, release unpleasant tastes.

The microbiologically polluted water does, however, more on the individual processes of processing and packaging in the food industry.
With a reverse osmosis plant all the problems described above can be resolved. These systems allow, in fact, to perform certain adjustments in such a way as to give to the customer with a water physico – chemical characteristics different depending on the processing phases.




Latest generation of automatic watermakers that meets the needs of large yachts. One touch operation with color touch screen. Equipped with an automatic pressure regulation and automatic flush system, the MEGA line desalination system is able to completely manage and perform its functions without an operator. The electronic control unit can interface with the monitoring system via the RS 485 BUS protocol. Available in a one-piece unit or a modular version in steel Inox AISI 316 for easy installation and maximum reliability over time.

Multi cartridge filter entirely PVC

Multi cartridge filter entirely PVC – U for a high corrosion resistance, with flanged top opening, EPDM sealing gasket, air valve, pressure gauges entry and exit and valve
drainage. Compliant with the Directive European 2014/68 / EU for pressure vessels (PED).

Multi-cartridge filter in AISI 316

Multi-cartridge filters in stainless steel, consisting of two shells, with funds molded crowns, made of sheet steel stainless and joined by two welded flanges, with one interposed toroidal elastomer seal. The flanges are tightened by a special closure Clamp type. Inside the shell a septum is welded below separation, in stainless steel, for the support and packaging of the filter cartridges. Equipped with n. 3 legs of support, inlet and outlet sleeves, vent valve, inlet and outlet pressure gauges, drain valve.

New 12

Automatic Energy Recovery Watermaker, equipped with Osmosea® Pressure Intensifier. Compact and easy to install thanks to its one piece structure. One touch operation with the possibility of color Touch Screen, the New12 line desalination systems are able to manaage and excute functions without the need for an operator. The electronic control unit can interface with supervision systems via the RS 485 BUS protocol. Direct power supply from batteries.

New 12 ES

Semi Automatic Energy Recovery Watermaker, equipped with Osmosea® Pressure Intensifier.

Same configuration as the New12 S line but with Micro PLC Control Unit for more accurate monitoring. Direct Battery supply, easy installation, compact size.

  • Osmosea® Pressure Intensifier
    • Designed with Anti-Locking System
    • Energy recovery up to 80%
    • Reliability
    • No vibrations
    • Automatic Pressure Setting
  • Stainless Steel Feed Pump with Brushless Electric Motor
    • Quietness
    • More Energy Efficiency
    • Reliability
    • Variable Speed on Flushing
    • Soft Start
    • Reduced size
    • 50% Freshwater Saving during membrane Flushing
    • 50% Energy Saving during membrane Flushing