Thrust force 80
tunnel diameter 185
Power of electric motor 4
Motor type 24V DC
Motor temperature swich YES



Manoeuvring should be no more complicated than the turning of the wheel. And -preferably- without
fully exerting yourself. For this purpose, Craftsman Marine offers solutions, which will position each boat
in the right place; always and in every situation. There are many situations when the skipper could do
with a little helping hand. E.g. when you are boating all alone, or with an inexperienced crew on board.
Or in tricky situations, such as a lock, combined with a gust of lateral wind. Craftsman Marine has designed and developed an impressive range of products with which you can steer your boat through all
difficulties, with precision and without cold sweat!
Apart from our solid and durable steering wheels, you could think of a bow thruster, a stern thruster
and/or a hydraulic steering system.Which come complete, of course, with all panels, cables, tunnels and
fastening materials, which may be required to provide the only good solution for your boat.