Last generation Automatic Watermaker. One touch operation with the possibility of a full color Touch Screen controller.
Equipped with an Automatic Pressure setting and Automatic Flushing system, the watermakers of the EVO line can fully operate and perform self maintenance functions without the need of an operator. The electronic control unit can interface with supervision systems via the RS 485 BUS protocol. Supplied in monobloc or in modular version on AISI 316 stainless steel frame for easy installation and maximum reliability over time.

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  • APS (Automatic Pressure Setting)
    + Remote Touchscreen Panel
  • Stainless Steel Feed Pump
  • Stainless Steel High Pressure Pump
  • Pre-Filters
  • Post-Filter
  • AFS (Automatic Flushing System)
  • Carbon Filter for Flushing
  • Waste system Unsafe water
  • Digital Comand Unit
  • Installation Kit; (Pipes, Fittings, Clamps);
  • Maintenance Kit (N.1 spare filter set, filter wrench, washing and wintering products, HP Pump Oil);
  • Non Return Valve

remote touchscreen panel

remote panel functions

  • Start/Stop;
  • Automatic Stop with Programmable Timer or Flowmeter;
  • Inlet Pressure Reading;
  • Osmotic Membrane Pressure Reading;
  • Freshwater flow meter;
  • Salinity Freshwater meter;
  • Operating System Hour meter;
  • Amperometer;
  • Immediate Automatic Flushing System;
  • Periodic Automatic Flushing System;
  • Control and Monitor System of Salinity of Water Produced;


  • Supervision and Control Touchscreen connection system