Coelmo DML1330

90,567.00 kn

Power:13.30 kVA
Power factor:1
Voltage:230 V
Frequency:50 Hz
Fuel Consumption:4.20 l/h
Noise level:54 dB(A) a 7 metri
Dimensions:1060 x 650 x 750
Weight:360 kg


Control Boards EOS® and FIDIO®

The innovative command and control board FIDIO® AND EOS® are the ideal instruments to have your Coelmo Marine Generating Set under control.
The Generating Set’s functional status, the electrical measurements and eventual alarms are displayed on the control board’s screen.




01. Remote Start/Stop Control Board (Optional)
02. Sea water filtering kit
03. Spare Parts Kit
04. Silenced Muffler
05. Water/Gas Separator
06. Siphon
07. Diesel Prefilter with Water Separator
08. Diesel Water Separator
09. Electrical Fuel Pump
10. Intercooling System

More info:  Coelmo Generating Sets.